What We Do


Our Team

The Kable Staffing philosophy is centered around personalized attention and finding the right job for all applicants. Most importantly, we treat applicants like a person, not a number.

Our #1 goal is to match our associates with the right employment opportunity!

Our team is driven to provide excellent customer service!  We also recognize that in our world, communication is key.  You will notice that is what sets us apart from our competition. 


Industry focus

  • EVS
  • Manufacturing          
  • Light Industrial          
  • Call Center         
  • Engineering         
  • Transportation         
  • Administrative
  • Accounting and Finance               
  • Customer Service                
  • Information Technology               
  • Human Resources
  • Construction/Demolition
  • Skilled Trades


Kable Staffing Services

  • Temporary Staffing   
  • Seasonal Staffing   
  • Direct Hire   
  • Professional Placement   
  • Temp to Long Term   
  • VMS Options
  • Production Based Staffing       
  • Temp to Permanent     
  • Timekeeping Options      
  • High-Volume Staffing     
  • MSP Options   


Professional Services

Finding the right professionals for your company can be challenging and time-consuming. Kable Staffing’s Professional Service team can deliver access to the best talent. We develop an efficient and effective plan to submit only the best and most qualified candidates!


Recruitment Process

There’s nothing traditional about our recruitment approach because each client’s needs are unique. We start with your goal and then develop a comprehensive plan to attract qualified candidates.


Recruitment Vetting

Anyone can fill a job, but at Kable, we find the best candidate for the position based on our clients’ needs. Every candidate undergoes a thorough background check and drug screen prior to being placed on assignment. We are trusted providers of the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify program.  We proudly use Proveit! as a reliable assessment tool. Proveit! assessments can be customized to fit your company’s needs.


New Hire Oreintation 

Each candidate is given a site-specific orientation that will cover topics from policies and expectations to safety and timekeeping procedures. Our recruitment team will customize our standard onboarding process to fit your company’s policies and procedures. Additionally, all new hires go through a general safety and hygiene training program.


Times are tough. If your company is like most, your staff is stretched to its limits. Layoffs, employee burnout and drastic cost-cutting measures are part of your business now.

So what’s that old saying? When the going gets tough, the tough use temporary staffing! Well, that’s not it exactly, but staffing services can be a real life saver during a recession. They can help your company save money, reduce risks and capitalize on the current talent pool surge.

Here are five practical staffing strategies to help you match the ups and downs of our unpredictable economy:

1. Run leaner. If you think of contingent labor management as an unnecessary expense, it’s time to change your thinking. Using staffing and contract labor can actually help your business lower overhead costs while augmenting your talent acquisition process. You can reduce your “permanent” headcount to match the low end of your business cycles, and then supplement your staff with temporary employees to handle production surges, special projects, or initiatives that require specialized expertise.

2. Offload employment-related expenses. We provide expensive and time-consuming services like recruitment, advertising, screening, interviewing, skills testing, employment verification and drug testing.

3. Avoid costly hiring mistakes. The temp-to-direct hiring option allows you to “test drive” new hires – you can see how candidates perform on-the-job before extending an offer for direct employment. If the candidate does not meet your needs we will provide a replacement at no additional fee.

4. Enhance and upgrade your team. Plan for the upturn now and get a jump on your competitors. Business may be slow at present, but highly qualified candidates are abundant. A staffing service can help you capitalize on this unique opportunity to upgrade your staff with top-notch performers. We can help you analyze your post-recession staffing needs (i.e., new types of positions/skills that will be needed post-recession) and create a team that’s prepared to “explode out of the box” when the upturn hits.

5. Reduce employee burnout. When your team’s resources are stretched, burnout becomes a real issue. Using temporary employees can relieve some of the burden. They can help reduce overtime hours, lower absenteeism, minimize turnover and even lower worker’s compensation claims – all without increasing your permanent employee headcount.

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